Executive Director

  • Executive Director

    Lisa Kranseler
    Phone: 206-774-2277
    Email: lisak@wsjhs.org

    Lisa believes that we make history every single day. And, she has produced programs and exhibits that celebrate that history. Her vision is to bring a Jewish heritage center or museum to our community.

    Lisa is committed to building partnerships and developing public awareness for the Washington State Jewish Historical Society. She has served on the board of the Association of King County Historical Organizations for over six years, received the Gus Norwood Volunteer Scholarship from the Washington Museum Association, won a fellowship from the Council of American Jewish Museum Association, and was awarded a grant by the American Association of State and Local History for Project Management at the Washington State History Museum. Currently, Lisa teaches in the Museum Studies Certificate Program at the University of Washington.

Operations & Office Manager

  • Operations & Office Manager

    Shmuel P. Kahlke
    Phone: 206-774-2277
    Email: shmuelk@wsjhs.org

    Shmuel has lived and worked in a variety of different Jewish communities. He is an educator of various Jewish Studies topics, artist, designer, and Japanese sword instructor. Having moved to Seattle only a few years ago, he is now part of the new generation of Jewish leaders making history here.


  • Archivist

    Jessica Jones
    Phone: 206-543-1895
    Email: archivist@wsjhs.org

    In addition to the office staff, the WSJHS contracts with a professional archivist to maintain and grow the Washington State Jewish Archives collection housed at the University of Washington.

    Jessica has a BA in Social Sciences and earned a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Washington in 2015. She has experience in academic, government, and museum archives and is a state-certified librarian. She is a past recipient of the Seattle Foundation Scholarship for Academic Performance and Community Involvement and the Northwest Archivists At-Large student scholarship. Jessica’s passion for genealogy led her to a career in archives.