"I Knew From Day One":
Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

Navy Years and Military Career

“Patriotism is a word that I believe is overused and misused in today’s political climate, but it’s a fact that my family taught me to appreciate this country, and I do. And I owe this country because it’s been good to me.” Building Bridges (pg. 92)

Three Generations of Service

Herb tells the story of his father’s military service further:

Benjamin Bridge postcard from Old St. Stephen’s Club in Philadelphia to his family confirming his well being during World War I, July 4, 1918.

“In another letter, Bridge explains that the soldiers filled out these cards before they headed to the European theatre. Once they had arrived safely (or after a certain period of time had passed), the St. Stephen’s Club was notified by military officials, and the club then mailed out their letters. This allowed for the families to receive news about their loved ones in a slightly shorter amount of time than would have taken for news to be sent directly from Europe.” Photo Courtesy University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections

Herb describes his surprise to be assigned navigation of the rescue vessel to China:

Herb's Connection to MOHAI

Herb connects his time with the Reserves to today’s Museum of History and Industry (MOHAI) in South Lake Union:

“For many years my Reserve group met every Tuesday night down on Lake Union in the Reserve Center, what today is the MOHAI, Museum of History and Industry. It was a fun commute for me because I’d jump in my boat and ride across the lake. Bob and I owned a speed boat together and we moored it on Lake Union near University Bridge. I’d bring Jon and/or Dan along with me, and they’d run around and play on the floor of the big auditorium. If there was a ship or a sub they’d get to go aboard and see that, too.” Building Bridges (pg. 125)

Herb shares more about his decision to stay active in the Reserve:

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