"I Knew From Day One":
Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

Embracing Independence

For his bar mitzvah, Herb Bridge received a video camera and lighting equipment. He was transfixed.

He recounted: 
“My folks’ friends pitched in together and gave me everything I’d need to make a home camera, projector and a screen. That was really something in 1938... Thanks to 20 or so friends we have movies that go back to 1938.” Building Bridges
Since that time, Mr. Bridge created and appeared in many films, including family trips across the globe, his navy career with fellow service members, scenes at the Ben Bridge Jeweler downtown Seattle store with his family and co-workers, and other important moments. 

Learn more about the Herb Bridge film collection in the following video.

From Franklin, Herb went attended the University of Washington. To further channel his restless energy, Herb stepped into the ring for collegiate boxing, while also continuing to help with his family’s store.  

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