"I Knew From Day One":
Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

Tikkun Olam: Repair the World

Herb and Shirley Bridge’s philanthropic leadership and generosity is well known both inside and outside the Jewish community. An inherited tradition, Herb and Shirley ensured that their children carried it on.

“Growing up with my father and my Grandpa Bridge, steeped in the tradition of tzedakah, as I’ve explained, I can’t help but get involved.”
-Building Bridges (pg. 150)

Among the many organizations that benefitted from the Bridge family’s involvement, Herb cites the founding of the Seattle Housing Resources Group (SHRG) as one of the most gratifying projects was involved in. SHRG is a non-profit organization that provides housing assistance to those in need, which is an enduring challenge in the Seattle area. Shirley, among other accomplishments, was very supportive of her alma mater graduate program, the University of Washington’s School of Pharmacy.

“Jon and his family, I mean as you know I mean I come from very modest roots, certainly not connected to power or in any sense of the word, whether that's you know in economics or in... business or whatever. But that's the blessings of this country, you know, that you can work hard and you can, especially through education, you can, you can get to a place where you make a difference in that way. My husband's family certainly provided me with entrees to different worlds that I had never seen and, and opportunities in that way. And Jon, and all of them, but Jonny particularly, has been so supportive of some of my you know craziness all along. And, and he comes from a, from a family for whom the idea of tikkun olam, of an obligation to make the world a better place is about their daily life....

The attitude was there. The attitude that you needed to help other people. And when you had an opportunity to do that you not only used your talents to make money and make sure your family was taken care of but that you were then supposed to, to do it for other people. And certainly that was true in, in exponential levels for the Bridge family.” -Bobbe Bridge

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