"I Knew From Day One":
Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

Remembering Herb Bridge (1925-2018)

“I knew my position in the family before I was even aware of it; I knew from day one there was a lot riding on me. That was perfectly fine.”

Building Bridges (pg. 20)

From day one, Herb Bridge understood his central role as a first-born son on both sides of his family tree.

With a frame of familial expectation, this exhibit explores major themes of Herb Bridge's life, including:

  • The Bridge family’s immigration to the U.S. from Poland and Russia 
  • Navy years and military career
  • The marriage and partnership with Shirley (Selesnick) Bridge and raising their children
  • Ben Bridge Jeweler, a family business
  • Advocacy for downtown Seattle and local community leadership
  • Tradition of tikkun olam - “Repair of the world”

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Beginnings of Seattle's Bridge Family

Embracing Independence

Bridge Family Extended

Navy Years and Military Career

Family Means Business

"Mr. Downtown"

Tikkun Olam



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