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Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

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Remembering Shirley

Herb married Shirley Selesnick on January 25, 1948, which he describes as one of the happiest days of his life. Shirley was one of the state’s first female  pharmacists. Their first apartment was located on Seattle’s First Hill at 604 East Union, and they later moved to Montlake. In 1950, their son Jon Bridge was born. 

Shirley’s leadership included her membership with the League of Women Voters as well as joining the Women’s University Club, which was rare for a Jewish woman to join at that time. 

To read more about Shirley's incredible life and accomplishments please see her tribute by University of Washington's School of Medicine: "When You Really Want Something, You Don't Give Up."  

For more information on Shirley's pioneering work as a pharmacist and her relationship with Herb, read her Seattle Story with the Jewish Women's Archive

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