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The WSJHS is excited to celebrate Hazzan Azose. We have enjoyed a long collaboration with Ike, whose kindness and knowledge is only a small part of his unique and wonderful character.

We invite you to share your memories, photos and stories of Ike Azose for inclusion on our Living History page. Submission of materials can be done through the Digital Museum Submission Form

"Now that I have reached 90 years of age, I seem to be even more busy than I had been before. However, I love keeping myself busy rather than sit in front of a television set all day long. I pray that Ashem (G-d) will allow me enough time to finish some projects that I feel strongly about and that He keep all members of my immediate family, our extended family and all members of our community in good health for many years to come."

-Isaac ‘Ike’ Azose

Hazzan Isaac "Ike" Azose's Tribute Journal

A journal to commemorate Ezra Bessaroth’s gala celebration of our Sephardic treasure, Hazzan Isaac Azose, and his 90th Birthday.  The book features tributes to our beloved Hazzan, as well as great pictures of him from childhood, from his work life, with his family, and of course serving the congregation in so many ways at Ezra Bessaroth. We hope you enjoy it! 

Good news: The journal is a work in progress, with final publication taking place sometime in early 2021, so you still have a chance to add your tribute to the final publication. To do so, please visit the Ezra Bessaroth website,, or email us:, or call the office at: (206) 722-5500.

Letters to Ike

Ike Azose Washington Jewish Museum Exhibit Video

New Submissions

Special Narration of Sephardic Seattle by Hazzan Ike Azose in the Seattle Historic Sephardic Jewish Tour.

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