Submissions for the Digital Museum

This form is here for you to submit information and materials that will improve, add-to, and/or otherwise enrich the Washington Jewish Museum. We strive for a rich and accurate presentation within the scope of each exhibit and we know that there is always something more to learn and invite you to share your knowledge. Any submission that is an addition or supplement to an existing exhibit will be saved and evaluated during our periodic reviews and used where and when possible to improve available or upcoming exhibits.

You may also submit information and material that is of interesting, noteworthy, and important people, places, and events regardless of who, where, what, and when so long as it is a relevant part of Jewish life in Washington State. All such submissions will be saved and evaluated during several periodic reviews throughout the year. You will be contacted if your submission is accepted for development into an exhibit. The level of your ability to donate time and provide financial support to the curation process will not impact the evaluation of the information and material you submit. Given the many and varied costs involved in the development of new exhibits we appreciate your consideration and assistance in securing the needed financial support that the work requires. 

If you would like to see an example of what an exhibition page might look like, click here.

Digital Museum Submission Form
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Digital materials can be uploaded directly using this form. Please submit up to three files here. The total size of all the files cannot exceed 2gb in size and can include files in common file formats such as .doc, .pdf, and .xlsx. Photos should be high resolution and can be any common file format including .tiff, .jpeg, .png. Video files can also be uploaded in common formats including .mp4, and .mov. Audio files can be uploaded in .aiff, .mp3, or .wav formats. Arrangements can be made for the transfer of materials that exceed the 2gb upload limit. If materials are not currently available in a digital format, arrangements will be made to collect them following a review of your submission and confirmation from the Curation committee that the material is needed. 

By submitting your files and description, you are agreeing to its publication and use by WSJHS in the Washington Jewish Museum, in printed and online exhibits and social media.

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Please include your contact information so we may reach out to you if your submission is accepted and we need further information. 

If you are submitting on somebody else’s behalf, WSJHS requires permission from them in order include them in the exhibition.

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Recommended minimum amount of $118 to support edits, changes, or additions to current exhibits. Note: costs related to new exhibits are assessed after the review of submitted information and materials.

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