During his early formative years, there are two types of education Ike received simultaneously: (1) public school, and (2) his further religious education, building on his family’s foundation of learning Ladino at home. 

While living in Seattle’s Central District, Ike attended Horace Mann, T.T. Minor, Washington, Rainier, and Garfield High School.

Listen to Ike Azose talk about Garfield H.S., Horace Mann, and other locations the Central District neighborhood in the Seattle Historic Sephardic Jewish Tour

With his gifted voice, Ike participated in Garfield’s music program and graduated high school in 1947, skipping a grade and well ahead of schedule. 

For religious education, Ike learned from his father and Uncle. Ike attended the Seattle Sephardic Talmud Torah, studying under Professor Albert Levy. Professor Levy previously hailed from New York, serving as editor for the Ladino newspaper La Vara. 

To learn more about Albert Levy and La Vara, please visit: 

Resources: Stroum Center for Jewish Studies

Ike's experiences from hearing prayers and songs at synagogue helped round out his education, reflecting in a 2014 interview: 

“I learned on my own and with the help of my dad, or Uncle Bension, so I did, from the time that I was bar mitzvah I had listened to every little nuance of the liturgy that I heard every time I went to synagogue. And so I was very familiar with it and from time to time I would be asked to conduct a mincha on Shabbat afternoon which required the reading of the sefer Torah.” 

Oral history interview with Isaac Azose, 2014. OHC683. Washington State Jewish Archives. University of Washington Libraries, Special Collections. 

Following in the footsteps of his teacher Professor Levy, Ike then headed east to New York City, attending Yeshiva University. Ike found New York City exciting, although he had little time to explore apart from his studies and work, and had some challenges finding his way. After 3 years, Ike returned home to Seattle in 1950. 

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