Military Service

The Korean War began in 1950. Ike explained some of the pressures he faced while serving in the Air Force, enlisting in July 1951.

Hearing his aptitude for languages, the Air Force wanted to send Ike to a Russian language school in California. Ike refused, with visions of being dropped behind enemy lines in Korea. The Air Force tried to change Ike's mind by assigning him to KP ("Kitchen Police").

After two weeks, the Air Force relented and Ike was no longer California-bound. Instead, Ike was sent to Lowry Air Force Base in Denver to Budgetary Accounting and Disbursing School, which Ike preferred because he loves working with numbers.

Ike earned two stripes, eventually serving three years in England. After three and a half years, and after having earned another two stripes as a Staff Sergeant, Ike was released from the Air Force and he returned home to Seattle.

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