Telling Your Story In The Time of Coronavirus

We are all living through a major historical event and this is a record of our experiences and actions, a Haggadah of our time.

Haggadah loosely translates to TELLING. Tell us your story. What changes have you made in your everyday lives and how it will impact your plans for the year? How are you staying connected with friends and family during social distancing? How has your education or business been impacted? How is this year different than any other year?

Tell us your story.

Tell your organization's story.

The bonds which connect us as a society are changing, but our Jewish values provide a framework for us to persevere.

Your Stories

Washington State Jewish Historical Society is dedicated to discovering, preserving, and disseminating the history of the Jews of Washington state and promotes interest in and knowledge of the life, history, and culture of the Jewish people and communities through publications, exhibits, displays, speakers, tours, and performance.

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