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Family of Strangers: Building Jewish Communities in Washington State is a publication of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society. Originally published in 2003, the book provided the first comprehensive historical account of Jewish communities and people in Washington state. The updated second edition, published in 2022, includes a 60-page New Section that showcases history over the past several decades — an era characterized by growth, diversity, and geographic spread.

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The Washington State Jewish Historical Society offers multiple resources that complement the narrative of Family of Strangers. All additional resources called out in the Family of Strangers New Epilogue Notes section (pages 432 to 436) can be accessed below.


Bikur Cholim

Billy Sturman

Isaac “Ike” Azose

Joie de Vivre: The Life of Pamela Waechter

Kline Galland

Rabbi Angela Warnick Buchdahl

Rear Admiral Herb Bridge

Samis Foundation/Sam Israel

Seattle Historic Sephardic Jewish Tour

Seattle’s Sephardic Community Today

Soviet Jewish Experience


Alhadeff, Morrie
•    1974 oral history transcript

Azose, Hazzan Isaac “Ike”
•    2014 oral history

Balint, Judy Lash
•    2011 video interview

Benaroya, Jack
•    2005 oral history

Berkovitz, Rabbi Will
•    2020 oral histories (series of 3)

Bridge, Bobbe
•    2009 oral history

Bridge, Herb
•    2000 oral history

Brotman, Jeffrey
•    2010 oral history

Buchdahl, Rabbi Angela Warnick
•    “We Are Family: Rethinking Race in the Jewish Community” (September 2020 sermon)

Gortler, Joshua
•    1985 oral history
•    2008 oral history

Gortler, Joshua, and Cohen, Michael
•    2018 video interview

Horowitz, Charles
•    1977 oral history

Kletenik, Rivy Poupko
•    2017 oral history

Kornfeld, Rabbi Yechezkel
•    2005 oral history

Lipstadt, Deborah
•    1979 oral history
Maimon, Albert S.
•    2004 oral history

Miller, Mina
•    2007 oral history

Mirel, Rabbi James
•    1999 oral history

Pruzan, Herb 
•    2012 oral history

Pruzan, Lucy
•    2004 oral history
Sarkowsky, Herman
•    2000 oral history

Schindler, Neal
•    2021 video clip
Schwarz, Gerard
•    2010 oral history

Selig, Martin
•    2007 oral history
Simon, Herb
•    2013 oral history
Stroum, Samuel
•    1983 oral history

Volchok, Zollie
•    2000 oral history


Alhadeff, Doreen

Benaroya, Rebecca “Becky”

Bridge, Justice Bobbe

Lavin, Amy

LeVine, Suzi

Miller, Mina 

Nussbaum, Rabbi Rachel

Rosen, Michele 

Rothstein, Judge Barbara J. 

Senn, Representative Tana 


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2021-22 Guide to Jewish Washington, The Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle