Shalom! Sefarad

Welcome to Shalom! Sefarad, a collaborative project of the Washington State Jewish Historical Society and the University of Washington León Center. A Spanish-language version of this exhibit opened September 2017 in León’s historic town hall and was presented in several other cities throughout Spain – a recognition of the country’s revived interest in Sephardic history, culture and people.  

The content of Shalom! Sefarad was crafted and organized purposely to introduce Seattle’s Sephardic Jewish community to Spanish audiences of various faiths – and to demonstrate how Sephardic life continues to flourish in the Diaspora more than 500 years after Jews were expelled from Spain. The exhibit endeavors to remind Spaniards of their past by having them reflect on the endurance of a community unfamiliar to them.  

With this context in mind, we invite you to join in their celebration of Seattle’s Sephardic community. Enjoy the exhibit!