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Thank you to everyone who joined our 1st virtual event - You can still make your donation today using the form below.

Unlocking the Voices of our Community

Historic Virtual Fundraiser

The program will be made available a second time on Wednesday, October 21 at 7pm.

Registration for the second event will open shortly.

You will love

  • hearing the recordings of saved histories
  • being a part of a group of people who are preserving our history for the next generation
  • experiencing gems from the collection

Email with questions.

Voice Of The Week

Can you guess the Voice of the Week?

Here is this week's voice - leave your guess on Facebook or email the office:

Transcript for the September 21st Mystery Voice:

"Every Jewish holiday two of my good friends and I would walk and go to every single synagogue and temple to hear and notice what they were doing and how they were doing it and we had a lot of fun."

Transcript for the September 7th Mystery Voice:

"...there were a lot of Sephardics working in the public market. At that time they even had Sephardic restaurants that people would go to. And it was packed full of Sephardics. If anybody came from out of town they'd go to the market and see their friends. And most of them were Sephardic and so they'd all come down and we'd get to meet a lot of people.(end 18:40)  It was good. We made a living.  But obviously it was hard.(end 18:46)  I worked for my dad for about 4 or 5 years and that's about all. And then he retired. And then I kept ownership of the company to myself and I've been there since '56."

Transcript for the August 31st Mystery Voice:

"And we were always looking for something new. That’s why Council House was the big thing in my year. We were working on it, but it was actually a dream come true in the year that I was the President. I was very fortunate to be able to speak along with the Mayor and the Governor of the State of Washington at the dedication of Council House."

Correctly guessed by James Rogers, Cynthia Stroum, Dorothy Lederman, and Lynn Wartnick.

Transcript for the August 24th Mystery Voice:

"I was a pretty entrepreneurial kid. I had paper routes, I worked as a soda jerker and assistant at the corner drugstore. I worked in the grocery story, made store deliveries. I once worked after school and on weekended at a meat market."

Correctly guessed by David Israel and Cynthia Stroum.

Transcript for the August 17th Mystery Voice:

"My mother always wanted me to be a conductor and she said when she was pregnant with me, she dreamt numerous times that I was going to be a conductor."

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